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Companies in the most diverse industries (e.g. energetics, chemicals, varnish production, gas distribution, etc.) are handling materials and chemicals that pose the threat of an explosion or toxic contamination. With the installation of gas detection and alarm systems, the risk of  and explosion or contamination can be mitigated or even avoided. Adopting a gas detection system is an essential part of an explosion-proof work environment.

The design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of industrial gas detection units are the core competences of Sysens Ltd.  

Detectors for explosive, flammable and toxic gases and fumes

Our gas detectors are the direct result of decades-long research and development and perfectly comply with all applicable regulations. Our continuous and individual quality management processes throughout manufacture, installation and maintenance assure that our detectors are 100% reliable.

Our customers work with us for an average of 10 years, continuously grow in numbers and have so far purchased 1462 gas detector units, which are 100% reliable.

Some of the reasons why our current customers have chosen us and what we can also guarantee to our new clients:

  • Fair, trustworthy cooperation, non-stop support and cordial relations
  • Fast offers, punctual delivery and completion
  • Advice tailored to the unique needs of each and every customer which help find the best suiting solution to your problems
  • Cutting-edge product, 20 years of development experience
  • Unique and individual solutions, minimised maintenance costs
  • Technological expertise, professional attitude, outstanding human relations

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